Marcela Vacarezza

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Marcela Vacarezza
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Born Marcela Paz Vacarezza Etcheverry
(1970-05-08) 8 Mey 1970 (age 48)
Antofagasta,  Chile
Thrift Televeesion presenter, journalist
Hauf-marrae(s) Rafael Araneda (1999-present)
Childer Martina, Florencia an Vicente

Marcela Paz Vacarezza Etcheverry (born 1970 in Antofagasta) is a Chilean televeesion presenter an psychologist. She is the wife o TV presenter Rafael Araneda wi whom she haes three childer, Martina, Florencia an Vicente.[1]

Vacarezza is dochter o hematologist Ricardo Vacarezza Yávar, an the younger sister o actress Adriana Vacarezza. In 1992, Marcela wan Miss Chile[2] pageant contest an in the same year she stairtit her televeesion career. Efter takkin a maternity leave, she returned on TV as hostess for En Portada till 2005. Vacarezza wis pairt o the televeesion show SQP frae 2009 tae 2011.

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