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Mandalay (Burmese: မန္တလေးမြို့; MLCTS: manta.le: mrui.; Burmese pronunciation: [màɴdəlé mjo̰], Inglis pronunciation: /ˌmændəˈleɪ/ or /ˈmændəleɪ/) is the seicony-lairgest ceety an the last ryal caipital o Burma. Locatit 445 mile (716 km) north o Yangon on the east bank o the Irrawaddy River, the ceety haes a population o ane million, an is the caipital o Mandalay Region (umwhile Mandalay Diveesion).

Mahamuni pagoda

Mandalay is the economic hub o Upper Burma an considered the centre o Burmese cultur. A continuin influx o Cheenese immigrants, maistly frae Yunnan Province, in the past twintie years, haes reshaped the ceety's ethnic makeup an increased its economic dynamism. Despite Naypyidaw's recent rise, Mandalay remains Upper Burma's main commercial, educational an heal center.

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Coordinates: 21°58′59″N 96°05′04″E / 21.9831°N 96.0844°E / 21.9831; 96.0844