Maltese (dug)

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1AKC Maltese Dog Show 2011.jpg
OreeginCentral Mediterranean Aurie [1]
PatronageItaly [1]
Wecht Male 3-8 lb.
Female 2-7 lb.
Hicht Male 8-10 in.
Female 8-9 in.
Coat white
Bruid size avg. 3 tae 5 puppies.
Life span 12-15 years[2]
Clessification / staundarts
FCI Group 9, Section 1 #65 staundart
AKC toy group staundart
ANKC Group 1 (Toys) staundart
CKC Group 5 - Toys staundart
KC (UK) Toy staundart
NZKC Toy an Teacup staundart
UKC Companion Breed an Shaw Breed staundart
Domestic dug (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Maltese is a smaa breed o dug in the Toy Group. It descends frae dugs oreeginatin in the Central Mediterranean Aurie. The breed name an origins are generally unnerstuid tae derive frae the Mediterranean island naition o Maltae; houever, the name is sometimes describit wi reference tae the distinct Adriatic island o Mljet, or a defunct Maltese toun cried Melita.[3][4][5][6]

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