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OreiginPont-de-Claix, Rhône-Alpes, Fraunce
GenresIndustrial metal
Daith metal
Years active1999–present
MembersLudovic Giroud
Hervé Sionnet
Michael Coracin
Stephane Ballerand
Christophe Saumont

Malmonde are a French baund formit in 1999. Their muisic is a mix o daith grunt vocals an industrial metal, which they describe as "cyber metal". Their uise o electronic soonds hae led them tae be compared wi such baunds as Samael, the Kovenant an Rammstein. They hae been the openin act for tourin baunds such as Behemoth, Epica, an Misanthrope.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Malmonde wis first formit at the end o 1999. Influencit bi ither metal baunds such as Rammstein, Samael or even Meshuggah, their soond is creatit bi mixin metal an electronic samples. Efter their demo wis released in 2001, Malmonde producit their sel-titled debut album thairsels. It wis released in 2003 bi Osmose Productions. They left Osmose in Juin 2004, an staritit the autoproduction o their seicont album, Eva. Though it wis completit in Januar 2005, they haed tae wait till Julie tae fynd a distribution contract wi Musicast Distribution. The album wis released in October, but is for the moment anerlie distributit in Fraunce.

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