Mad Max

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Mad Max
Directit biGeorge Miller
Produced biByron Kennedy
Screenplay bi
  • James McCausland
  • George Miller
Muisic biBrian May
CinematographyDavid Eggby
Eeditit bi
  • Tony Paterson
  • Cliff Hayes
Distributit biVillage Roadshow Pictures
Release date
  • 12 Apryle 1979 (1979-04-12)
Rinnin time
93 minutes
Box office$100 million (warldwide)

Mad Max is a 1979 Australie dystopian action film directit bi George Miller, producit bi Byron Kennedy an starrin Mel Gibson. James McCausland an Miller wrote the screenplay frae a story bi Miller an Kennedy.

The film grossed substantially at the box office. It held the Guinness record for maist profitable film for decades, an haes been creditit for further openin up the global mercat tae Australie New Wave films. The film became the first in a series, spawnin the sequels Mad Max 2 (a.k.a. The Road Warrior) in 1981 an Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985 an Mad Max: Fury Road, starrin Tom Hardy as Max in 2015.

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