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The MG KN Magnette wis produced bi the MG Car company atween 1933 an 1934 an wis designed tae uise up surplus bodies made for the MG K-type saloons that wur no sauld. These bodies wut fittit tae the K1 chassis but haed the mair pouerful MG N-type 1271 cc ingine.

The body haed nae pillar atween the front an rear doors. The front doors wur hinged at the windscreen end an closed against the rear doors. Tae give the impression o being a twa door coupé the rear doors haed nae external handles. The absence o the central pillar affectit the structure o the body an aften caused problems. A sunshine roof wis fittit.

The 56 bhp ingine woud take the caur tae 78 mph.

A variation wis sauld bi University Motors, the London MG dealer uisin the fower seat K1 body an cawed the "University Motors Speed Model".

The KN wis priced at GBP399.

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