Lusine Gevorkyan

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Lusine Gevorkyan
Lousine Gevorkian.jpg
Background information
Born (1983-02-21) 21 Februar 1983 (age 37)
OreiginKapan, Armenie, Soviet Union
GenresRock, Nu metal,
Alternative metal
Years active2003 – present

Lusine «Lou» Gevorkyan (Roushie: Лусинэ Аркадьевна Геворкян, Lusine Arkadyevna Gevorkyan, Armenie: Լուսինե Գևորգյան, born 21 Februar 1983) is a Roushie-Armenie sangster, currently the lead sangster o Roushie nu metal baunds Tracktor Bowling an Louna.[1][2]

Gevorkyan wis born in Kapan. She wis ane o the foondin members o the Roushie baund Sfera Vliyaniya, but she left this group ane year efter the establishment.[3] Later, she wis picked as the lead sangster o anither project, Tracktor Bowling, that became ane o the maist popular metal baunds frae Roushie.[4] In 2008, she foondit ane mair group, Louna, an therefore Lusine appears in baith baunds.[5][6]

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