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Leonid "Tarzan" Fainberg kent as Ludwig Lyosha Fainberg an aw[1] (born 1958) is an Israeli mobster. Born in Odessa, Fainberg left the Soviet Union in the early 1980s for Israel, an muivit tae the Unitit States follaein the faw o the Soviet Union. In the mid-1990s, Fainberg attemptit tae purchase a Soviet submarine for uise in drog trokin for a Colombie cocaine cartel. Fainberg livit in Miami atween 1990 an 1997, when he wis arrestit an convictit o smugglin an racketeerin. He spent thirty months in jyle afore his trial, an wis deportit tae Israel efter the conviction.[2] A year later Fainberg wis livin in Canadae, wirkin in sex tred, but in Januar 2003 Canadian immigration authorities arrestit him an deportit him back tae Israel.[3]

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