Loveday Jenkin

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Loveday Jenkin is a Cornish naitionalist politeecian.

Jenkin is the dochter o Richard an Ann Jenkin, key figurs in Cornish naitionalist poleetical pairty Mebyon Kernow. She studiet plant bioscience at Cardiff University an the University of Cambridge, an wirkit at a local conservation charity.[1]

In 1990, she was elected as leader of Mebyon Kernow, then at a low ebb. She served until 1997, focusing on reviving the party's electoral performance. She stood as the party's candidate for Cornwall and West Plymouth at the 1994 European election, taking 1.5% of the vote. Soon after, she was elected to Kerrier District Council, representing the Crowan district.[1] She has subsequently stood for Parliament on a number of occasions. At the 2010 UK general election, she stood in Camborne and Redruth, taking 775 votes.[2] She was elected to Cornwall Council in a 2011 by-election, representing the Wendron district.[3]

Jenkin is a lecturer at the Camborne School of Mines,[1] whaur she haes undertaken studies inae Japanese knotweed,[4] She is a bard o the Gorsedh Kernow an aw,[1] haes served as Cornwall's Great Trees Officer,[5] an chairs the Cornish Language Fellowship.[6] Jenkin haes twa childer, who wur brocht up speakin Cornish as their first leid.[1]

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