Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon

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Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon
Princess o Conti
Portrait of Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon (1693-1775), Princess of Conti by Pierre Gobert.jpg
Louise Élisabeth bi Pierre Gobert
Born22 November 1693(1693-11-22)
Palace o Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd27 Mey 1775(1775-05-27) (aged 81)
Hôtel de Conti, Paris, Fraunce
BuirialKirk o Saint Sulpice, Paris, Paris, Fraunce
SpouseLouis Armand de Bourbon, Prince o Conti
IssueLouis François, Prince o Conti
Louise Henriette, Duchess o Orléans
Full name
Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon
HooseBourbon (Condé branch bi birth)
Bourbon (Conti branch bi mairiage)
FaitherLouis de Bourbon, Prince o Condé
MitherLouise Françoise de Bourbon
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturLouise Élisabeth de Bourbon's signature
Arms of a Bourbon as Princess of Conti.svg

Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon (22 November 1693–27 Mey 1775) wis a dochter o Louis, Duke o Bourbon, Prince o Condé, an his wife, Louise Françoise de Bourbon, a legitimised dochter of Louis XIV o Fraunce an Madame de Montespan. She introduced Madame de Pompadour tae the coort. She wis buiried at the (Kirk o (Église) Saint Sulpice in Paris.

Marriage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 9 Julie 1713 at the Palace o Versailles, Louise Élisabeth mairit Louis Armand de Bourbon, Prince o Conti. He wis her first cousin. Prior tae marriage Louise Élisabeth haed been kent at court as Mademoiselle de Condé or Mademoiselle de Charolais.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Louis de Bourbon, Coont o La Marche (28 Mairch 1715 - 1 August 1717) died young.
  2. Louis François de Bourbon, Prince o Conti (13 August 1717 - 2 August 1776) mairit Louise Diane d'Orléans, Mademoiselle de Chartres an haed issue.
  3. Louis Armand de Bourbon, Duke o Mercœur (19 August 1720 - 13 Mey 1722) died young.
  4. Charles de Bourbon, Coont o Alais (5 Februar 1722 - 7 August 1730) died young.
  5. Louise Henriette de Bourbon 20 Juin 1726 – 9 Februar 1759) mairit Louis Philippe d'Orléans, Duke o Orléans an haed issue.

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