Louis Marie Fouquet, Coont o Gisors

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Louis Marie Fouquet
Coont o Gisors

Airms o the Coont o Gisors.
Full name
Louis Marie Fouquet
Born27 Mairch 1732
Metz, Fraunce
Dee'd26 Juin 1758 (aged 26)
Côte-d'Or, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Hélène Mancini
nae childer
FaitherCharles Louis Auguste Fouquet
MitherMarie Casimire de Béthune

Louis Marie Fouquet, Coont o Gisors (27 Mairch 1732 - 26 Juin 1758) wis a French coont an the son o the Duke o Belle-Isle. He was known as the Coont o Gisors. He wis created the governor o Metz. He married Hélène Mancini (a dochter o the last Duke Nevers, and relation o Cardinal Mazarin) but the couple had no children. He fought in the Battle o Krefeld as part o the Seven Year's War where he was injured and died as a result.

Brief biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The only son o Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, the Duke o Belle-Isle an his second wife Marie Casimire de Béthune, Louis Marie was gien the teetle Coont o Gisors (comte de Gisors)