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Los Ríos Region

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Los Ríos Region

XIV Región de Los Ríos
Banner o Los Ríos Region
Coat o Airms o Los Ríos Region
Coat airms
Map of Los Ríos Region
Map of Los Ríos Region
Coordinates: 39°48′30″S 73°14′30″W / 39.80833°S 73.24167°W / -39.80833; -73.24167Coordinates: 39°48′30″S 73°14′30″W / 39.80833°S 73.24167°W / -39.80833; -73.24167
Kintra Chile
ProvincesValdivia, Ranco
 • Total18429.5 km2 (7,115.7 sq mi)
Area rank11
Lowest elevation
0 m (0 ft)
 • Total356,396
 • Rank10
 • Density19/km2 (50/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeCL-LR

The XIV Los Ríos Region (Spaingie: XIV Región de Los Ríos, literally in Spaingie: The Rivers) is ane o Chile's 15 regions. Its caipital is Valdivia. Pop. 356,396 (2002 census). It began tae operate as region on 2 October 2007. It wis creatit bi subdividin the Los Lagos Region in soothren Chile. It consists o twa provinces: Valdivia an—the newly creatit—Ranco that wis umwhile pairt o Valdivia Province.

The new region wis established in consideration o territorial, historical an geographic factors. The oreeginal Los Lagos Region wis ane o the lairgest, maist diverse regions in the kintra, an the integration o the Province o Valdivia wis difficult acause o its backgrund which differed frae the fower ither provinces o the region, especially the soothren provinces o Chiloé an Palena.

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