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Los Angeles Coonty
County of Los Angeles
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Images, frae top doun, left tae richt: Downtown Los Angeles in December 2007, Venice, Los Angeles durin sunset, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory
Banner o Los Angeles Coonty
Offeecial seal o Los Angeles Coonty
Nickname(s): "L.A. County"
Location o the coonty in Californie
Location o the coonty in Californie
Californie's location in the contiguous Unitit States
Californie's location in the contiguous Unitit States
Coordinates: 34°3′N 118°15′W / 34.050°N 118.250°W / 34.050; -118.250Coordinates: 34°3′N 118°15′W / 34.050°N 118.250°W / 34.050; -118.250
Kintra  Unitit States o Americae


Region Soothren Californie
Metro area Greater Los Angeles Area
Shapit 18 Februar 1850[1]
Named for City of Los Angeles
Coonty seat Los Angeles
Lairgest ceety Los Angeles
Incorporatit ceeties 88
 • Teep Cooncil–manager
 • Bouk Board of Supervisors
 • Board of Supervisors[2]
 • Chief executive officer Sachi A. Hamai (interim)
 • Total 12,310 km2 (4,751 sq mi)
 • Laund 10,510 km2 (4,058 sq mi)
 • Watter 1,790 km2 (693 sq mi)
Heichest elevation[3] 3,069 m (10,068 ft)
Lawest elevation[4] 0 m (0 ft)
Population (April 1, 2010)[5]
 • Tot 9,818,605
 • Estimate (2014)[5] 10,116,705
 • Density 800/km2 (2,100/sq mi)
Time zone Paceefic Time Zone (UTC-8)
 • Simmer (DST) Paceefic Daylicht Time (UTC-7)
ZIP codes 90001–90899, 91001–93599
Aurie codes 213, 310/424, 323, 562, 626, 661, 747/818, 909
FIPS code 06-037
GNIS featur ID 277283
Wabsteid www.lacounty.gov

Los Angeles Coonty, offeecially the County of Los Angeles,[6] wi a population o mair than nine million fowk, is the maist populous coonty in the Unitit States. It haes 88 incorporatit ceeties an mony unincorporatit auries an at 4,083 square miles (10,570 km2) it is lairger than the combined auries o the states o Rhode Island an Delaware. The coonty conteens mair than ane quairter o aw Californie residents an is ane o the maist ethnically diverse coonties in the kintra.[7]

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