Los Andes Depairtment

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Los Andes
Departamento Los Andes (Salta - Argentina).png
Coordinates: 24°12′59″S 66°19′19″W / 24.21639°S 66.32194°W / -24.21639; -66.32194
Kintra Argentinae
Province Salta
CaipitalSan Antonio de los Cobres
 • Total25,636 km2 (9,898 sq mi)
 • Tot5,630
 • Density0.22/km2 (0.57/sq mi)
A road in San Antonio de los Cobres
View o Tolar Grande

Los Andes (i.e.: The Andes) is a depairtment locatit in Salta Province, Argentina. It is the seicont per extension, efter Rivadavia Depairtment, an its caipital is the toun o San Antonio de los Cobres.

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The depairtment is locatit in the wastren aurie o the province, on the eastren side o the Andes, an includes the Puna de Atacama. It borders wi Antofagasta Region (Chile), the provinces o Jujuy an Catamarca, an the depairtments o La Poma, Cachi an Chicoana. The territorial strip linkin the northren an soothren side o La Poma Depairtment separes Los Andes frae Rosario de Lerma Depairtment.

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