Loch Como

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Loch Como
Panoramic view o Loch Como wi Grigna Mountains an Bellagio
LocationLombardy, Italy
Coordinates46°00′N 9°16′E / 46.000°N 9.267°E / 46.000; 9.267Coordinates: 46°00′N 9°16′E / 46.000°N 9.267°E / 46.000; 9.267
Primary inflowsAdda River, Mera River
Primar ootflowsAdda River
Catchment area4,509 km2 (1,741 sq mi) [1]
Basin kintrasItaly, Swisserland
Max. lenth46 km
Max. weenth4.5 km
146 km²
Average deepth154 m [1]
Max. deepth425 m
22.5 km³
Residence time5.5 years [1]
Shore lenth1160 km
Surface elevation198 m [1]
IslandsIsola Comacina
SettlementsComo, Lecco (see section)
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Loch Como (Lago di Como in Italian, cried Lario (efter the Laitin name o the lake, Larius Lacus) an aa or Lach de Comm in Lombard), is a lake o glacial origin in Lombardy, Italy.

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