Loch Albert (Africae)

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Lake Albert
Lake Albert (Uganda) (NASA).jpg
2002 NASA MODIS satellite pictur. The dotted grey line is the border atween Congo (DRC) (left) an Uganda (richt).
Coordinates 1°41′N 30°55′E / 1.683°N 30.917°E / 1.683; 30.917Coordinates: 1°41′N 30°55′E / 1.683°N 30.917°E / 1.683; 30.917
Primary inflows Victoria Nile
Primary outflows Albert Nile
Basin kintras Democratic Republic o Congo, Uganda
Max. lenth 160 km
Max. with 30 km
Surface aurie 5,300 km² (2,046 sq. mi.)
Average deepth 25 m
Max. deepth 58 m
Watter vollum 132 km³[1]
Surface elevation 615 m (2,018 ft)
Dounsets Butiaba, Pakwach
References [1]

Loch Albert – an aa Albert Nyanza an umwhile Loch Mobutu Sese Seko – is ane o the African Great Lochs. It is Africae's sevent-lairgest loch, an the warld's twenty-sevent lairgest loch bi volume.

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