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(Reguidit frae Livingston, Scotland)
Almondvale Boulevard in Leivinstoun

Leivinstoun or Leevinston (Inglis: Livingston, Scots Gaelic: Baile Dhùnlèibhe)[1] or Livi is a toun in Wast Lowden, Scotland. It is the fowert eft-war new toun ti be biggit in Scotland, designated in 1962. It is aboot 15 mile (25 km) wast o Edinburgh an 30 mile (50 km) eist o Glesga.

Leivinstoun is the mukkilest toun in Wast Lowden an the seicont mukkilest sattilment in the Lowdens eftir Edinburgh. In 2001 it haed 50,826 indwallers.

Naur aboots bes the aulder touns o Bathket, Broaxburn an Lithgae.

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Coordinates: 55°53′00″N 3°30′57″W / 55.8834°N 3.5157°W / 55.8834; -3.5157