Lithgae Pailace

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(Reguidit frae Lithgae Palace)
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The sooth face o Lithgae Palace
Lithgae Palace

The ruins o Lithgae Palace are situatit in the toun o Lithgae, Wast Lowden, Scotland, 15 mile (24 km) wast o Edinburgh. The pailace wis ane o the principal residences o the monarchs o Scotland in the 15t an 16t centuries. Awtho mainteened efter Scotland's monarchs left for Ingland in 1603, the pailace wis little uised, an wis birned oot in 1746. It is nou a veesitor attraction in the care o Historic Environment Scotland.

Coordinates: 55°58′42.6″N 3°36′4.0″W / 55.978500°N 3.601111°W / 55.978500; -3.601111