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Lithgae Pailace

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Lithgae Pailace
Lithgae Pailace
LocationWast Lowden, Scotland, Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates55°58′42.6″N 3°36′4.0″W / 55.978500°N 3.601111°W / 55.978500; -3.601111Coordinates: 55°58′42.6″N 3°36′4.0″W / 55.978500°N 3.601111°W / 55.978500; -3.601111
The sooth face o Lithgae Palace

The ruins o Lithgae Palace are situatit in the toun o Lithgae, Wast Lowden, Scotland, 15 mile (24 km) wast o Edinburgh.[1] The pailace wis ane o the principal residences o the monarchs o Scotland in the 15t an 16t centuries.[2] Awtho mainteened efter Scotland's monarchs left for Ingland in 1603, the pailace wis little uised, an wis birned oot in 1746.[2] It is nou a veesitor attraction in the care o Historic Environment Scotland.[3]

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