Lishán Didán

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Lishán Didán is a modern Jewish Aramaic leid, aften cawed Neo-Aramaic or Judeo-Aramaic. It wis oreeginally spoken in Iranian Azerbaijan, in the region o Lake Urmia, frae Salmas tae Mahabad. Maest speakers nou live in Israel. The name Lishán Didán means 'oor leid'; ither variations are Lishanán, 'oor-leid', an Lishanid Nash Didán, 'the leid o oor sels'. As this causes some confusion wi similarly named dialects (Lishana Deni, Lishanid Noshan), scholarly sources tend simply tae uise a mair descriptive name, like Persian Azerbaijani Jewish Neo-Aramaic. Tae distinguish it frae ither dialects o Jewish Neo-Aramaic, Lishán Didán is sometimes cawed Lakhlokhi (literally 'to-you(f)-to-you(m)') or Galihalu ('mine-yours'), demonstratin different uise o prepositions an pronominal suffixes.