Lise Meitner

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Lise Meitner
Lise Meitner (1878-1968), lecturing at Catholic University, Washington, D.C., 1946.jpg
Lise Meitner in 1946
Born 7 November 1878[1][2]
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
Died 27 October 1968(1968-10-27) (aged 89)
Cambridge, Ingland
Residence Austrick, Germany, Swaden, Unitit Kinrick
Citizenship Austrick (pre-1949), Swaden (post-1949)
Alma mater Varsity o Vienna
Kent for Nuclear fission
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Kaiser Wilhelm Institute
Varsity o Berlin,
Manne Siegbahn Institute
Varsity College o Stockholm
Doctoral advisor Franz S. Exner
Other academic advisors Ludwig Boltzmann
Max Planck
Doctoral students Arnold Flammersfeld
Kan-Chang Wang
Nikolaus Riehl
Ither notable students Max Delbrück
Hans Hellmann
Influenced Otto Hahn
Signatur Lise Meitner signature.svg

Lise Meitner (7 November 1878 – 27 October 1968) wis an Austrick-Swadish pheesicist wha worked on radioactivity an nuclear pheesics. Otto Hahn an Meitner led the smaw group o scientists wha first discovered nuclear fission o uranium when it absorbed an extra neutron; the results war published in early 1939.[4][5]

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