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Lipovci is located in Slovenie
Location in Slovenie
Coordinates: 46°37′33.19″N 16°13′42.93″E / 46.6258861°N 16.2285917°E / 46.6258861; 16.2285917Coordinates: 46°37′33.19″N 16°13′42.93″E / 46.6258861°N 16.2285917°E / 46.6258861; 16.2285917
KintraFlag of Slovenia.svg Slovenie
Tradeetional regionPrekmurje
Statistical regionMura
 • Total7.06 km2 (2.73 sq mi)
180 m (590 ft)
 • Total1,047

Lipovci (pronounced [liˈpoːu̯tsi]; Hungarian: Hársliget,[2] Prekmurje Slovenie Lipouvci) is a veelage in the Municipality o Beltinci in the Prekmurje region o northeastren Slovenie.[3]

Thare is a smaw Neo-Gothic chapel in the dounset. It wis biggit in the early 20t century and is dedicated tae Saints Peter and Paul. It haes a belfry abuin the entrance and twa smawer turrets on either corner. It belongs tae the Pairish o Beltinci.[4]

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