Lilit Pipoyan

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Lilit Pipoyan
Background information
Born (1955-06-16) 16 Juin 1955 (age 68)
OreiginYerevan, Armenie SSR
GenresContemporar fowk
Years active1988–present

Lilit Pipoyan (Armenie: Լիլիթ Պիպոյանի; born 16 Juin 1955) is an Armenie muisicker, sangster an airchitect.

Pipoyan belangs tae that narrae circle o modren Armenie muisickers whose wirks present an alternative tae the tradeetional folk, classical, spiritual an pop muisic. Born in Yerevan tae a faimily o airtists, she graduatit frae the Spendiaryan specialisit muisic schuil an later studiet airchitectur, receivin her PhD in the Theory an History o Armenie Airchitectur.

Pipoyan's compositions are based on Armenie poetry an fowklear. She is fond o medieval secular sangs, for which she creates modren arrangements or new melodies whan the oreeginals are lost, wi distinctly Armenie character.

She composes muisic based on modren Armenie poetry. She haes recordit three CDs an haes performit on stages in Armenie, Swisserland, Sirie an the Unitit States. She lives in Yerevan wi her husband an twa childer.

Disc releases[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • One Day of the City - (2003)
  • Lialousin - (2004)
  • Blue Flower - (2006)
  • Selected Songs of Komitas, Karaoke (2013)

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