Lata Mangeshkar

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Lata Mangeshkar
Mangeshkar in 2008
BornHema Mangeshkar
28 September 1929(1929-09-28)
Indore, Indore State, Central India Agency, British India (present-day Madhya Pradesh, India)
Dee'd6 Februar 2022(2022-02-06) (aged 92)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Ither namesIndie's Nichtingale, the Millennium's Vyce an Queen o Melody
Years active1942–2022
KinSee Mangeshkar-Hardikar-Abhisheki family
Memmer o Pairliament, Rajya Sabha
ConstituencyNominate (Arts)
In office
22 November 1999 – 21 November 2005
Personal details
Poleetical pairtyIndependent[1]
Muisical career

Lata Mangeshkar ([ləˈtaː məŋˈɡeːʃkər] ( listen)) (born as Hema Mangeshkar; 28 September 1929 – 6 February 2022) wis an Indian playback sangstress an daimen muisic upmakker an film producer. She is widely conseidert ane o the maist menst, maist kent an maist influential sangsters in Indie.[6][7] Her contreibution tae the Indian muisic industry in a career lestin seiven decade gained her honorific titles lik the Indie's Nichtingale, the Millennium's Vyce an Queen o Melody.[8]

She recordit sangs in ower therty-sax Indian leids an a few furrin anes, though feckly in Hindi, Bengali, an Marathi.[8] She received several awairds an honours through her career. In 1989, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award wis bestowed on her by the Government of India.[9] In 2001, fur kennin her contreibutions tae the nation, she wis awairdit the Bharat Ratna, India's heichmaist civilian honour; she is anerly the seicont female singer, efter the classical sangstress M. S. Subbulakshmi, tae receive this honour.[10] France conferred on her its highest civilian award, Officer of the National Order of the Legion of Honour, in 2007.[11]

She wis the recipient o three National Film Awairds, 15 Bengal Film Journalists' Association Awairds, fower Filmfare Best Female Playback Awairds, twa Filmfare Special Awairds, the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Awaird an mony mair. In 1974, she wis ane o the first Indian playback sangsters tae eir perform at Royal Albert Hall, London. Lata Mangeshkar wis frae 1974 till 1991 in the Guinness Buik o Records fur "the maist sang recordins warldwide". Her last recordit sang wis a rendition o the Gayatri Mantra at Mukesh Ambani's dochter Isha Ambani's waddin.[12]

Her sister is a famous sangstress an aw, Asha Bhosle.

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