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Homarus gammarus
Scientific classification edit
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Crustacea
Cless: Malacostraca
Order: Decapoda
Faimily: Nephropidae
Genus: Homarus
Species: H. gammarus
Binomial name
Homarus gammarus
  • Cancer gammarus Linnaeus, 1758
  • Astacus marinus Fabricius, 1775
  • Astacus gammarus Pennant, 1777
  • Homarus marinus Weber, 1795
  • Astacus europaeus Couch, 1837
  • Homarus vulgaris H. Milne-Edwards, 1837

The lapster (Homarus gammarus) is fund in the eastren Atlantic Ocean frae the Tysfjord near Lofoten in northwastren Norawa tae the Azores an Morocco. It can be fund in the Mediterranean Sea wast o Crete and in the northwastren pairts o the Black Sea an aw, but no in the Easter Seas. Its no aften fund deeper nor 50 metres (160 fit), but can be fund onywhaur frae the law tide merk tae 150 m (490 fit), on haurd substrates made o rock or glaur.

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