Lairge thairm

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Internal Organs
Front o abdomen, shawin the Lairge thairm, wi the stomach an smaa intestine in gray ootline.
Front o abdomen, shaowin surface markins for liver (reid), an the stomach an lairge thairm (blue). The Lairge Thairm is lik an upside doun U.
Artery Superior mesenteric, Inferior mesenteric an Iliac arteries
Lymph inferior mesenteric lymph nodes
Laitin intestinum crassum
Large intestine
TA A05.7.01.001
FMA 7201
Anatomical terminology

The lairge thairm is the last pairt o the digeestive seestem in vertebrates. Watter is absorbed here an the remainin waste material is stored as feces afore bein removed bi defecation.[1]

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