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Laird is a teetle wi monie meanins. It can denote a prince or a feudal superior (specially a feudal tenant that hauds direct fae the king, i.e., a baron). The teetle the day is for ordinar uised thegither wi the peerage o the Unitit Kinrick or its fore-gaun kintras, altho some uisers o the teetle disna thaimsels haud peerages, an uise it 'bi courtesy'. The teetle micht be uised an aw thegither wi ithers for tae denote a superior beirer o an itherwice generic teetle, in sic combinations as "Laird Mayor" or "Laird Chief Juistice". The teetle is by men an weemen—the Laird o Mann an female Laird Mayors is ensaumples o weemen that's styled 'laird'.

In releegious contexts Laird can refer tae sindry unalike gods or deities an aw. The earliest uisses o Laird in the Scots leid in a releegious context wis bi Bible translators. This reflectit the Jewish practice o substitutin the spaken Ebreu wird 'Adonai' (that means 'My Laird') for YHWH whan read oot lood.