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The Lada Kalina is a low cost supermini caur sauld unner the Lada marque an produced bi the Roushie automaker AvtoVAZ. Its mass production began in November 2004, but it became available for purchase amaist a year later.

The three models developt are:

  • Lada 1117 – 5-door station wagon (production began in 2007/2008)
  • Lada 1118 – 4-door sedan (full production began in 2005/2006)
  • Lada 1119 – 5-door hatchback (full production began in 2006)

Thare are twa petrol ingines, wi 81 an 91 hp (60 an 68 kW). The Kalina is exportit tae maist Wastren European markets wi a price o aboot € 7000-8000. It affers driver an passenger airbags, ABS, electric pouer steerin, air conditionin an rear seats that can be foldit sae that a horizontal platform is formed. On the ither haund, automatic transmission, electronic stability control an side airbags are no affered.

Its name is Kalina in maist countries, but in Finland it is marketed as Lada 119, acause "kalina" means "rattle" in Finnish. It is no sauld in certaint markets. A sportier version, the Lada Kalina GS Sport, is an aa produced. Its main competitors are caurs lik the Dacia Logan an Hyundai Accent.

Lada's parent company AvtoVAZ haes an aa released a Super 1600 concept caur, the Lada Kalina Hatchback Super 1600 which theoretically is a competitor tae the Dacia Logan Super 2000 or S2000. It uises the same 1.6 petrol as standard models but it is no naturally aspiratit. It uises a turbocharger or a supercharger. The racin caur's pouer range is ~200-~300 bhp, but the IAA concept haed a naturally aspiratit 1.6 ingine wi 120 bhp.

A Lada Kalina is uised as a "Reasonably-Priced Caur" in Top Gear Russia.

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The name 'Kalina' comes frae the Roushie name for a teep o viburnum.

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