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Hyundai Accent

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Hyundai Accent
Bouk an chassis
ClessSubcompact caur
LayootFront-ingine, front-wheel-drive
PredecessorHyundai Excel

The Hyundai Accent (Korean: 현대 엑센트), or Hyundai Verna (현대 베르나) in Sooth Korea, is a subcompact caur producit bi Hyundai. In Australie, the first generation models carriet ower the Hyundai Excel name uised bi the Accent's predecessor. The Accent wis replacit in 2000 bi the Hyundai Verna in Sooth Korea, awtho maist internaitional mercats retained the "Accent" name. The Hyundai Verna is mercatit in the USA as the Hyundai Accent.

The Accent is producit for the Cheenese mercat bi Beijing Hyundai Co., a joint venture wi Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. For the Roushie mercat it is assembled bi TagAZ plant in Taganrog. In Mexico, the Accent is mercatit bi Chrysler as the Dodge Attitude, previously Verna by Dodge. In Venezuela, Chrysler mercatit thaim as Dodge Brisa till 2006. The Brisa was assembled bi Mitsubishi Motors at its plant in Barcelona, Venezuela. Syne 2002, the Accent haed been the langest-runnin smaw faimily caur sauld in North Americae. In Puerto Rico, it haes been sauld as the Hyundai Brio. In Roushie, whaur the fowert generation Accent became the best-sellin caur on the mercat in 2011, it is sauld as the Hyundai Solaris.


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