Lachixío Zapotec

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Lachixío Zapotec
East Sola de Vega Zapotec
Native taeMexico
Native speakers
(6,500 citit 1990 census)[1]
Oto-Manguean (MP)
Leid codes
ISO 639-3zpl

Lachixío Zapotec (East Sola de Vega Zapotec) is a Zapotec leid o Oaxaca, Mexico. It is halthy, wi hauf o speakers monolingual. It is spoken in Santa María Lachixío, San Vicente Lachixío, an east Sola de Vega.

Ethnologue reports that San Vicente Lachixio is 80% intelligible wi San Miguel Mixtepec, an wi San Mateo Mixtepec which Egland (1978) coonts as pairt o the Lachixío leid an aw, but it is no closely relatit wi the ither varieties cried Mixtepec.[2] El Alto Zapotec is aiblins a divergent byleid (Lachixío is 73% intelligible in El Alto, but the reverse is no mentioned.)

The extinct Solteco Zapotec wis apparently closest tae Lachixío.[2]

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