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Kutno [ˈkutnɔ] is a toun in central Poland wi 48,000 inhabitants (2005) an an aurie o 33,6 km2. Situatit in the Łódź Voivodeship (syne 1999), previously in Płock Voivodeship (1975–1998). It is the caipital o Kutno Coonty.

Kutno wis historically a center o a lairge Jewish community. In 1900, 10,356 Jews wur livin there.[1] It is the birthplace o famed writer Szalom Asz.

Durin the Invasion o Poland o 1939, in an aroond the toun, Polish airmies unner General Tadeusz Kutrzeba conductit an offensive that wis later named the Battle o the Bzura.

Kutno is ane o the maist important railroad junctions in Poland. Twa main lines cross there (ŁódźToruń an WarsawPoznań). An aa, anither connection stairts in Kutno, which goes tae Płock.

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