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In Australie aboriginal meethologie, Kunapipi is a mither goddess an the patron deity o mony heroes. She gave birth tae human beins as well as tae maist animals an plants. On the ane haund she wis a Ogre Goddess fond o killin an eatin humans. That is till Bunjil the Eaglehawk cut her bouk open an released aw the victims. On the ither haund o course, this coud aw be a vicious slander. Alternative sources tell us she's a Mither Goddess an patron deity o mony heroes. The mither goddess o the aboriginal tribes o northren Australie. Nou a vague, otiose, spiritual bein, ‘the auld wumman’ ance travelled athort the laund wi a baund o heroes an heroines, an durin the ancestral period she gave birth tae men an weemen as well as creatin the naitural species. A ‘rainbae serpent’ went afore in order tae prepare her wey.

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