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Moont Korab
Heichest pynt
PeakMoont Korab
Elevation2,751 m (9,026 ft)
Prominence2,169 metre (7,116 ft)
Coordinates41°47′25″N 20°32′48″E / 41.79028°N 20.54667°E / 41.79028; 20.54667Coordinates: 41°47′25″N 20°32′48″E / 41.79028°N 20.54667°E / 41.79028; 20.54667
KintrasAlbanie and North Macedonie
Age o rockPaleozoic
Muntain teepRange
Teep o rockLimestone

Korab (Albanie: Mali i Korabit, Macedonie: Кораб) is a moontain range in the eastren corner o Albanie an the wastren pairt o North Macedonie, running alang the mairch atween baith kintras. It forms awso the European Green Belt. In Albanie, it is awso cried Vargu lindor (Inglis: Eastern range), but this term encompasses moontains further north, sic as the Koritnik an Gjallica. The heichest peak is Moont Korab at 2,751 m (9,026 ft) abuin sea level.[1] Wi a prominence of 2,169 m (7,116 ft), Korab is the 18th maist prominent mountain peak in the European continent.[2] The moontains are componed o sedimentary rock, includin shale, saundstane, dolomite an limestane. The name refers tae a Paleochristian sea god.

Geographically, the Korab moontain range extendes 40 km (25 mi) frae the Dibër Valley in a north-sooth direction, atween the river valleys o the Black Drin an its tributary the Radika. It is locatit near the tripoint o Albanie, North Macedonie, an Kosovo, soothwast o the Šar Moontains. The Drin Valley lies aroond 400 m (1,300 ft) to the west, the bed of the Radika at about 1,000 m (3,300 ft) abuin sea level.

The geology o the pairk is dominatit bi moontains made up o exposed faultit sedimentary rock an valleys containin glacial lochs.

The Albanie pairt haes numerous heich peaks an ranges, awmaist as tall as the Korab massif. Tae the north o this double-peak there are mony ither nameless peaks o a seemilar hicht. Korab-Pforte (Albanie: Maja Portat e Korabit, Macedonie: Mala Korapska Vrata) lies aroond 2 km (1.2 mi) soothwast o Korab massif an is awmaist as tall as the main moontain, at 2,727 m (8,947 ft). A few hundred meters further sooth, thare are anither peaks, Maja e Moravës 2,718 m (8,917 ft) an Mali i Gramës 2,345 m (7,694 ft). The moontains are componed o shale an limestone. Much o the range is protectit bi naitur pairks; the Korab-Koritnik Naitur Pairks.[3][4]

Sooth o the complex o peaks aroond Moont Korab, thare are ither lairge moontains: Mali i Gramës (2,345 m (7,694 ft)) an Dešat's Velivar summit (2,375 m (7,792 ft)). Efter that, the range faws awey tae the ceety o Debar an the Debar Loch.[5] The Ceety o Peshkopi is tae the soothwast o Mali i Gramës an haes geothermal baths.

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