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Kościerzyna Coonty

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Kościerzyna Coonty

Powiat kościerski
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Coat of airms o Kościerzyna Coonty
Coat airms
Diveesion intae gminas
Diveesion intae gminas
Coordinates (Kościerzyna): 54°7′N 17°59′E / 54.117°N 17.983°E / 54.117; 17.983Coordinates: 54°7′N 17°59′E / 54.117°N 17.983°E / 54.117; 17.983
Kintra Poland
 • Total1165.85 km2 (450.14 sq mi)
 • Total66,778
 • Density57/km2 (150/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Caur platesGKS

Kościerzyna Coonty (Pols: powiat kościerski) is a unit o territorial admeenistration an local govrenment (powiat) in Pomeranie Voivodeship, northren Poland. It came intae bein on 1 Januar 1999, as a result o the Pols local govrenment reforms passed in 1998. Its admeenistrative seat an anerly toun is Kościerzyna, which lees 51 kilometre (32 mi) sooth-wast o the regional caipital Gdańsk. Its borders equal approximately the borders o the auld Marquessate o Berent in the German Empire.

The coonty covers a aurie o 1,165.85 square kilometre (450.1 sq mi). As o 2006 its tot population is 66,778, oot o which the population o Kościerzyna is 23,016 an the landwart population is 43,762.

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Kościerzyna Coonty on a map o the coonties o Pomeranie Voivodeship

Kościerzyna Coonty is bordered bi Kartuzy Coonty tae the north, Gdańsk Coonty an Starogard Coonty tae the east, Chojnice Coonty tae the sooth, an Bytów Coonty tae the wast.

Admeenistrative diveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The coonty is subdividit intae aicht gminas (ane urban an seiven landwart). These are leetit in the follaein table, in stryndin order o population.

Gmina Type Aurie
Kościerzyna urban 15.8 23,016  
Gmina Kościerzyna landwart 310.2 13,295 Kościerzyna *
Gmina Nowa Karczma landwart 113.3 6,288 Nowa Karczma
Gmina Stara Kiszewa landwart 213.1 6,267 Stara Kiszewa
Gmina Karsin landwart 169.2 5,905 Karsin
Gmina Liniewo landwart 110.1 4,561 Liniewo
Gmina Dziemiany landwart 125.0 4,065 Dziemiany
Gmina Lipusz landwart 109.2 3,381 Lipusz
* seat no pairt o the gmina

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