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Kitsman Ceety Haw.
Volodomyr Ivasyuk's birthplace in Kitsman.

Kitsman (Ukrainian: Кіцмань, translit. Kitsman’, Romanie: Coţmani, German: Kotzman) is a ceety locatit in the Chernivtsi Oblast o wastren Ukraine. It is the adeeinistrative center o Kitsman Raion. The toun is aboot 20 km (12.43 mi) northwast frae Chernivtsi on the road tae Zalishchyky.

The first historical mention o Kitsman is datit tae 1413, which appears on the ceety's crest an aw. Codrii Cozminului, firths are situatit atween Siret an Prut glens next tae the toun are namit sae, acause thay are traversed bi the roads that connect Suceava, the Middle Ages' caipital o the Principality o Moldavie, wi wha wis then its a boondary toun o Cozmin.

Remarkably, Kitsman is the birthplace o several nationally well-kent muisickers Volodymyr Ivasyuk an Ani Lorak.

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