Kinnel Watter

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Kinnel Watter
The Kinnel Watter, heidin sooth taewart the River Annan
Main sourceOn the soothern edge o the Lowther Hills
55°18′56″N 3°35′35″W / 55.31556°N 3.59306°W / 55.31556; -3.59306
River moothNor'east o Lochmaben in the River Annan
55°8′20″N 3°24′56″W / 55.13889°N 3.41556°W / 55.13889; -3.41556Coordinates: 55°8′20″N 3°24′56″W / 55.13889°N 3.41556°W / 55.13889; -3.41556
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth32 km (20 mi)[1]

The Kinnel Watter is a river in the Scots cooncil aurie o Dumfries an Gallowa, in the shire o Dumfriesshire.[1][2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Kinnel Water rises on the soothren edge o the Lowther Hills aroond 1.25 mile north o the tap o Queensberry near the mairch wi the neebourin cooncil aurie o Sooth Lanrikshire. A soorce river flowes fae the River Clyde, that flowes tae the nor'wast, at a distance o aroond quarter mile. Efter its upper coorse mainly follaes a sooth-eastren direction throu a hilly laundskip, its coorse taks a soothren direction efter aboot 5.5 mile. For a wheen o miles, the A701 road rins lairgely parallel til the left bank afore crossin the river. Efter its unnerflowe haes led the Kinnel Water throu a innerly laund that it flowes aroond twa kilometres nor'east o Lochmaben in the River Annan, that eventually tuimt intil the Erse Sea via the Solway Firth. Wi a tot lenth o aroond 20 mile, the river owercomes a heicht o 1,302 fit.[2][1]

A rowth o streams flowes intil the Kinnel Watter on its course, bit it haes nae signeeficant infaws ither nor the Watter o Ae that flowes intae Templand. The Kinnel Watter rins throu a sparse populatit aurie, sae that it affects no mony touns, o whit Templand is the maist populous.

Structurs[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Kinnel Brig spangs the river near Templand an is pertectit as a Categorie A moniment. The three-airch stane brig wis built in 1723 an wis wauxit aroond 100 year later.[3] In Templand, the river passes throu the leetit fermtoun Ross Mains an aw.[4] Neist is upriver wi Raehills House, a big hoose o the Yerl o Annandale an Hartfell near the richt bank.[5]

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