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Kineuchar Pairish Kirk

Kineuchar (or Kinneuchar; Aboot this soondpronunced : [kɪˈnjʌxər]) is a clachan an pairish in the Kinrick o Fife. It is bund by the pairishes o Elie, Ceres, St Monans, Carnbee, Newburn and Lergae. It is aboot 9 mile frae north tae sooth. Maist o the laund is uised for fermin or is widdit. The clachan itsel is seetuate inland on Kineuchar Loch.

Pairish Kirk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Kineuchar Pairish Kirk is ithin the Kirk o Scotland. The historic Kirk biggin is still in raiglar uiss; it haes a byordinar heich touer, gey an seemilar tae that o Cockpen an Carrington Pairish Kirk in Midlowden.

Coordinates: 56°12′N 2°48′W / 56.2°N 2.8°W / 56.2; -2.8