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Scots: His Majesty's Reign
Score o "Kimigayo"

National anthem o
 Empire o Japan

Leericswaka poem, Heian period (794–1185)
MuisicYoshiisa Oku, Akimori Hayashi an Franz Eckert, 1880
Adoptit13 August 1999
Audio saumple

"Kimigayo" (君が代) is the naitional anthem o Japan an the warld's auldest lyrics in a naitional anthem. Frae 1868 tae 1945, it served as the naitional anthem o the Empire o Japan. Wi a lenth o 11 measurs an 32 characters, "Kimigayo" is an aa ane o the warld's shortest naitional anthems currently in uise.[1][2][3] Its lyrics are based on a waka poem written in the Heian period (794–1185), sung tae a melody written in the imperial period (1868–1945).[4] The current melody wis chosen in 1880, replacin an unpopular melody componed eleven years earlier. While the title "Kimigayo" is uisually translatit as His Majesty's Reign, no offeecial translation o the teetle nor lyrics haes ever been established bi law.[5]

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