Kim Young-sam

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This is a Korean name; the faimily name is Kim.
Kim Young-sam
7t Preses o Sooth Korea
In office
25 Februar 1993 – 24 Februar 1998
Prime MeenisterHwang In-sung
Lee Hoi-chang
Lee Yong-deok
Lee Hong-ku
Lee Su-song
Goh Kun
Precedit biRoh Tae-wu
Succeedit biKim Dae-jung
Personal details
Born20 December 1927(1927-12-20)
Geoje Do, Japanese Korea
(now Geoje Do, Sooth Korea)
Dee'd22 November 2015 (aged 87)
NaitionalitySooth Korean
Poleetical pairtyNew Democratic Party -> Democratic Unification -> Democratic Liberal Party -> New Korea Party
Spoose(s)Son Myong-sun
ReligionProtestant, Presbyterian
Korean name
Revised RomanisationGim Youngsam
McCune–ReischauerKim Youngsam
Pen name
Revised RomanisationGeosan
Japanese name:
Kanemura Kou ()

Kim Young-sam(20 December 192722 November 2015) wis 7t Preses o the Republic o Korea frae 1993 tae 1998. Frae 1955 tae 1990, he wis an opposition politeecian.

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Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Roh Tae-wu
Preses o Sooth Korea
Succeedit bi
Kim Dae-jung

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