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Coordinates: 53°09′25″N 6°54′32″W / 53.156859°N 6.909027°W / 53.156859; -6.909027 Kildare (Cill Dara in modern Erse, oreeginally derived frae Cell Dara in Auld Erse, meanin "Kirk o the Oak") is a toun in Coonty Kildare, in Ireland. Its population o 7,538 (2006 Census[1]) makes it the aicht lairgest toun in Kildare an the 55t lairgest in the Republic o Ireland, wi a growth rate o 32.4pc since the 2002 census. Although Kildare gives its name tae the coonty, Naas is the coonty toun. The toun lies on the R445, some 50 km wast o Dublin – near enough for it tae hae become, despite being a regional centre in its awn richt, a commuter toun for the caipital.

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