Khosrow II

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Khosrow II
Shahanshah o Iran an Aniran
Gowd coin o Khosrow II.
Shahanshah o the Sasanian Empire
Ring 590 (first reign)
591 – Februar 25, 628 (seicont reign)
Predecessor Hormizd IV (predecessor)
Bahram Chobin (usurper)
Vistahm (rival keeng)
Successor Kavadh II
Born ca. 570
Dee'd Februar 28, 628
Consort Shirin
Faither Hormizd IV
Mither Vistahm's sister
Releegion Zoroastrianism

Khosrow II (Chosroes II in clessical soorces; Middle Persie: Husrō(y)), enteetled "Aparvēz" ("The Victorious"), an aa Khusraw Parvēz (New Persie: خسرو پرویز), wis the last great keeng o the Sasanian Empire, reignin frae 590 tae 628.[1] He wis the son o Hormizd IV (reigned 579–590) an the grandson o Khosrow I (reigned 531–579). He wis the last keeng o Persie tae hae a lenthy reign afore the Muslim conquest o Iran, which began five years efter his daith bi execution. He lost his throne, then recovered it wi Roman help, an, a decade later, went on tae emulate the feats o the Achaemenids, conquerin the rich Roman provinces o the Middle East; much o his reign wis spent in wars wi the Byzantine Empire an strugglin against usurpers such as Bahram Chobin an Vistahm.

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