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Kevin Pearce

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Kevin Pearce
Medal record
Representin the  Unitit States
Men's Snawbuirdin
Winter X Gemmes
Siller medal – seicont place 2008 Aspen Big Air
Siller medal – seicont place 2008 Aspen Slopestyle
Siller medal – seicont place 2009 Aspen SuperPipe
Bronze medal – third place 2008 Aspen SuperPipe

Kevin Pearce (born November 1, 1987) is an American snawbuirder. He wis born in Hanover, New Hampshire, an raised in Hartland, Vermont afore movin wi his parents tae Norwich, Vermont.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pearce wan The Arctic Challenge in 2007 an completit back-tae-back titles wi victory in 2008. He wis an aa the first man tae earn twa Air & Style rings in ane saison, winnin the Nokia Air & Style in Munich in 2007 an the Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck in 2008.

In the 2007–08 saison he wan the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, garnerin the TTR Warld Tour Champion title.

He wan three medals at the 2008 Winter X Games XII in Aspen, Colorado. He wis an aa the first athlete in X Games history tae compete in three medal events in ane day. [1]

Pearce is a member o the Frends Crew (spelled athoot the "i" tae emphasize the collective nature o the group) made up of snawbuirders Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Keir Dillon, Jack Mitrani an Luke Mitrani. Frends is group o riders who turned their initial friendship intae a formal alliance in 2007 tae move the sport away frae its recent competitive an business focus an return the sport tae its grassruits, collegial beginnins.[2]

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