Ken Sugimori

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Ken Sugimori
杉森 建
Native name杉森 建
BornSugimori Ken
(1966-01-27) 27 Januar 1966 (age 57)
Tokyo, Japan
Kent forVideo gemme design
Notable wirk(s)Pokémon; Pulseman; Drill Dozer

Ken Sugimori (杉森 建, Sugimori Ken) (born Januar 27, 1966 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese video gemme designer, illustrator, manga airtist, an director.[1] He is maist kenspeckle as the chairacter designer an airt director for the Pokémon franchise. Sugimori is creditit wi the airt direction for ither teetles, includin Pulseman.[2] Sugimori drew aw o the oreeginal 151 Pokémon himsel, wi the exception o Mew.[3] He haes wirked on the sindry Pokémon movies, tradin cairds, an ither gemmes lik the Super Smash Bros. series.

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