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Born5th century CE
Dee'dGupta Empire, in Ujjain
GenreSanskrit drama, Clessical leeteratur
SubjectEpic poetry, Puranas
Notable warksAbhijñānaśākuntalam, Raghuvaṃśa, Meghadūta, Vikramōrvaśīyam, Kumārasambhava

Kālidāsa (Sanskrit: कालिदासः) wis a Clessical Sanskrit writer, widely regairdit as the greatest poet an dramatist in the Sanskrit leid. His plays an poetry are primarily based on the Indie Puranas.[1]

Much aboot his life is unkent, anerly whit can be inferred frae his poetry an plays.[2] His floruit canna be datit wi preceesion, but maist likely faws within the 5t century CE.[3]

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