Jules Verne (crater)

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Jules Verne is a lairge lunnar crater on the far side o the Muin. It is locatit tae the wast-soothwast o the Mare Ingenii, ane o the few lunnar mares on the hyne awa. Tae the soothaest o Jules Verne is the Lundmark crater, whilk Koch crater is locatit tae the sooth-soothaest. Tae the northwast is the lairge Pavlov wawed-plain.

Maist o the interior fluir o this crater haes been flooded wi basaltic-lava, leavin a daurk, laich albedo surface that is relatively level an flat. It is somewhat unco for a crater featur on the far side tae be flooded wi lava, as the crust is generally thicker than on the naur side. Houaniver this crater is locatit entirely inouth the Sooth Pole-Aitken bossie.

The ooter rim o Jules Verne is worn an eroded, wi several craters laying athort the laggin. Alang the aestern laggin lies 'Jules Verne G', whilk 'Jules Verne C' penetrates the nor-aestern rim an 'Jules Verne Z' cuts across the northren rim. A smaa crater forbye lies athort the soothern rim, whilk 'Jules Verne P' is attached tae the exterior alang the sooth-soothwast.

Jules Verne is ane o the few lunnar craters that is kent bi a chiel's full name raither than juist the surname. It is forbye cried for a science fiction owthor, raither than a namely scientist or splorer as is teepical. (But see H. G. Wells crater.)