José Batlle y Ordóñez

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José Pablo Torcuato Batlle y Ordóñez (21 Mey 1856 – 20 October 1929) wis the preses o Uruguay in 1899 (interim) an frae 1903 till 1907 an for a further term frae 1911 tae 1915. He wis the warld's first agnostic heid o state.

Family[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis the son o umwhile preses, Lorenzo Batlle y Grau. His childer César, Rafael an Lorenzo Batlle Pacheco wur actively engaged in politics. He wis an aa the uncle o anither Uruguayan preses, Luis Batlle Berres an the great-uncle o the ex-preses, Jorge Batlle Ibáñez.