John Smeaton

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John Smeaton
ThriftBaggage Haundler
EmployerAirwey Haundlin(BAA)

John Smeaton is a baggage haundler at Glesgae Internaitional Airport. He became inrowed in coonterin a failt terrorist bellum on the airport. Altho regairdit as a Glaswegian, Smeaton actually bides in Erskine, a wee toun ootwi the ceety nae faur frae the airport. He wis eddicate at Park Mains Heich Schuil.

Whan he first leuked til the bellum, Smeaton wis ootside the airport smeekin a cigarette in his break. Efterhaund, he myndit his foremaist thochts at seein the ootgang o the twa suspects frae the bleizin caur an thair attack on the aesome polisman that's ettle wis tae daunten thaim: "Whit's the score? A'v got tae git this sortit."

The statement that seems tae hae been maist taen tent o, tho, wis John's message til terrorists (whan speirt bi ITV News): "Glasgow doesna accept this. This is Glasgow; we'll set aboot ye."

The brawest thing aboot John's ongaun, housomeiver, whit seems tae hoise him the heichmaist, is the fact that he seems tae be laith tae be ruised for his actions in the hail event. His honesty, his bein taen, an his bein blate aw sers thegither tae mak him a hero, naithers (or mair likely, acause o) his hummleness.

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