John Herschel

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Sir John Herschel, Bt
Julia Margaret Cameron - John Herschel (Metropolitan Museum of Art copy, restored) levels.jpg
1867 photograph bi
Julia Margaret Cameron
Born7 Mairch 1792(1792-03-07)
Slough, then Buckinghamshire nou Berkshire, Ingland
Dee'd11 Mey 1871(1871-05-11) (aged 79)
Collingwood, near Hawkhurst, Kent, Ingland
Kent forThe invention o photografie

Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1st Baronet, KH, FRS (7 Mairch 1792 – 11 Mey 1871)[1] wis an Inglis mathematician, astronomer, chemist, an experimental photographer/inventor, who in some years an aa did valuable botanical wirk.[1]

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