Johannes Mashiane

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Johannes Mashiane
BornJohannes Mashiane
Sooth Africae
Dee'dOctober 1989
Marabastad, Pretoria
Cause o daith
Ither namesThe Beast of Atteridgeville
Span o killins
KintraSooth Africae

Johannes Mashiane AKA The Beast of Atteridgeville wis a Sooth African sodomist an serial killer who accoontit for 13 victims afore committin suicide in 1989. Mashiane wis bein chased bi polis in the Pretoria suburb o Marabastad when he jumped unnerneath a bus.

Mashiane stairtit his murtherous activity circa 1977 bi killin his girlfriend. He wis sentencit tae five years' impreesonment an wis released in 1982.[1] Efter bein released, he immediately stairtit his spate o murther an sodomy accoontin for the daiths o at least 12 young boys bi strangulation or stanin. Ane victim is kent tae hae survivit Mashiane's attention.[2]

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