Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach wis a German componer. He wis born on 21 Mairch 1685 in Eisenach, til a faimlie o muisicians. He wrat monie o his muisical warks for uiss in the kirk: Passions frae John an Matthew, oratorios an aboot 300 cantatas, monie o whilk canna be foond. Forbye he wrat muisic for the muisical instruments fiddle, cello, flute, organ, harpsichord and clavichord. For orchestra, he componed amang ithers the weel-kent sax Brandenburg concerti. He wis mairrit twa times an haed 20 bairns, some o them becam muisicians an aa. He dee'd on 28 Julie 1750 in Leipzig.

Atho he haes past awa, his muisic is aye gey influential wi us. His muisic wis unco rich an deep, an wis loved by ane an aa. An atho he wisna widely kent o in his time, he is ane o the warld's maist beloved muisicians in history, the day.